11th Blook Tiger & The Special skins Tournament

5 min readJan 31, 2022
Chinese New Year Event

‘Sup Snookaaa!

Chinese new Year is upon us and we’d like to share some deets on a special event we’re hosting as well as introduce y’all to a new member of the Snook Special Skins family — The 11th Blook Tiger [or a s we like to call her — “Eleven” (No relation to Jane Ives or Hopper. We’re not sure about Millie Bobby Brown, ’cause she’s awesome enough to be related.)]

But first thing’s first.

Snook’ Chinese’ New Year Event of pure awesomeness

The key details to remember

  • When: From Tuesday, February 1ST [noonish CET] to February 8th in the arvo.
  • Where: https://app.playsnook.com/
  • Look & Feel: Festive Lair and game-map with some decorations that fluctuate between cultural appropriation and ignorant imperialism [Pleaser don’t be mad — we’re ignorant and we know it — but we mean well] .
  • Gifts! So pay attention, during the Chinese’ New Year Event of pure awesomeness, for every kill you make you will be rewarded with a special limited-edition gift (unless a Trait is dropped). You’re welcome 😉

More about the Chinese’ New Year Event’s gifts

There will be 3 types of gifts:

  • A special limited-edition Trait that you will only be able to get as a gift
  • A shiny newly-minted snook
  • $SNK in varying amounts
Chinese’ New Year Event gifts

During the event, every time a snook dies without dropping a Trait, a gift will drop instead.

Once the snook leaves the game (either because it died or because it successfully extracted), the Snooker will be routed to the Lair (the main-screen) where a pop-up screen will appear — see below:

3 types of gifts


11th Blook Tiger

There will also be a limited-edition Special Skin — The 11th Blook Tiger, that will only be available during the Chinese’ New Year event.

Here’s her story

The 11th Blook Tiger — is a new AI-powered Special Skin distilled from the amalgamated essence of three mythical tigers [in a quantum computing process so secret and advanced it is under the jurisdiction of section 7]. The first two are very famous. The Black Tiger, ruler of the Winter season and governor of the Water elementals, and the Blue Tiger, ruler of the Spring season and governor of the Earth elementals. Hence the name Blook. The third should also have been famous, perhaps the most famous, as she was, if to quote Jack Black’s narration: “…a legendary warrior, whose Kung Fu skills were the stuff of legend.” But alas her name was lost in the annals of history. She is the eleventh tigress of Canton (which unfortunately are called “The Ten Tigers of Canton”). It is said that possessing the 11th Blook Tiger Special Skin imbues its user with skills that is the “ stuff of legend”…

Pretty cool.

Feburary is gonna be busy… can you keep up?

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Special Skins Team Tournament

Special Skins Team Tournament

That’s not all! We’re bringing back the much-loved Team Tournament but this time we’re adding a Special twist.

On the 6th of February, Teams will be bringing in Special skins to compete for the top prize!

  • Special Skins Tournament in Singapore: 6th Feb 1PM UTC
  • Special Skins Tournament in Frankfurt: 6th Feb 6PM UTC
  • Special Skins Tournament in Virginia: 6th Feb 9PM UTC

However, we know not everyone possesses a special skin, so to make it interesting we are going to provide you all ways to earn a special skin to compete for the first place prize of 1000 SNK!

How do you earn a Snook Special Skin from the Mods?

From 31st January to 4th February, players are to register as in teams of trio and they have to earn a certain number of bounties to earn a Snook Special Skin to compete with in the major Tournement.

Each hunt will feature 2 runners at a time, each giving out 4 bounties each. We’re not done there, each bounty will be doubled to 20SNK too!

Bounties of all members will be added together:

15 Bounties: 1 Special
20 Bounties: 2 Specials
25 Bounties: 3 Specials

Note: Snook Special skins were bought off the market and wil lbe given out in order to be used for the Tournament, there are LIMITED number of Snook special skins that will be distributed.

Special Skins Tournament Details

  • Three participants, 1 Runner and 2 teammates
  • The runner will have three lives, they have to enter with 2 Regular Snooks and on their last life, a Special Skin that they won/signed up with.
  • 2 Teammates have unlimited lives
  • 20SNK bounty on each runner( Except if they die to their own teammate)
  • The last runner who lives will win.

Tournament Rules

  • If you win a special via Snook Hunt bounties, you are to use the special for the tournament.
  • Registered Runners are to be streaming at all times!
  • Registered Runners are to enter with their registered SnookID at the specified time.
  • Registered Runners are required to screenshot and share it in discord upon death.
  • Failing to send a screenshot will impose a penalty on the team.
  • Registered Runners are to end their stream on death
  • All Participants are to use their Discord Names in the Arena
  • All Participants have to enter after the Registered Players have entered.

As always, we encourage you to find teammates on discord or invite your friends to try Snook. Never a better time than now!

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/4jb4zKiY8iSoBfry6

See you there you Princes of Snook, you Kings of New Snookland ~~~~~~;)




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