Easter eggs In December?

Hey there Snookers et al.

OK, we have a bunch of things to cover. Here’s the TL;DR:

  1. Winter Event — A week-long party with presents — 19–26th of December

OK, let’s dive in.

Snooks’ Winter Event — have you been good?

December is around the corner, and we thought it’s a good time to have a winter party. [Yeah yeah…we know all of you Aussies, Kiwis, South African, South American and nit-picking Antarctic Penguins — it’s summer down-under. Have a stubby and chill.]

Where was I, ah yes, a winter party — here are the deets:

When: From Sunday, December 19th [noonish CET — we like to sleep in] to Sunday the 26th afternoon.

What: Look & Feel + presents

  • Festive Lair and game-map. You’ll be able to see that your Lair (the screen before the game itself, where you can see your snooks), the game map and basically all of Snook’s GUI is decorated and has a festive new look.

There will be 3 types of presents:

  • A special limited-edition Holidays-themed Trait that you will only be able to get as a present

There will also be a limited-edition Special Skin — Father Snoo-ho-ho-ho-k, that will only be available during the Winter Holidays week.

Snook Economics — Rewarding the Skillful

We’ve been working on a significant change to the Snook economics (and in it also the way in which we reward skill and talent). We’re going to use the Winter Event to test some of our ideas. The purpose behind this change is to go back to the basic idea behind the game of Snook: Play — show your skill and earn like a boss! We do not want Snook to be your basic, run-of-the-mill, mindless play-to-earn game (where some players exploit the game for rewards that are not a function of their skill).

As mentioned above we will unveil the details of this new Snook Economics soon.

Season III Special Skin Rewards

After reviewing the new Special Skins unlocked during this season so far, and the status of eligibility of existing holders (see Playing Snook is not a Protected Right) we’ve decided to reduce the Special Skin Rewards’ pot for season III to 1 $SNK. The fact that the only players eligible for rewards in season III are those who sullied the game, made it easier to effectively forgo the rewards for this season.

Regarding the Special Skin Rewards going forward, it ties in with the change we’re planning for the economics. The incentive model of Snook, which the Special Skin Rewards are part of will change. Until that happens, and until further notice the Special Skin Rewards model is suspended.

Here’s what we are doing in the meantime, to keep things interesting (until the Winter Event):

  • Runners and Hunts — We’re accelerating the Hunts and Runners program and adding more hunts on more servers. Fun fact since we launched the Hunts a couple of weeks ago we spent over 1500 $SNK in rewards.

Exciting times!

At your service,

The Core Team




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