Easter eggs In December?

  1. Winter Event — A week-long party with presents — 19–26th of December
  2. Snook Economics — we’re shaking things up — some hints below — full reveal soon.
  3. Special Skin Rewards — Suspended for Season III and until further notice

Snooks’ Winter Event — have you been good?

December is around the corner, and we thought it’s a good time to have a winter party. [Yeah yeah…we know all of you Aussies, Kiwis, South African, South American and nit-picking Antarctic Penguins — it’s summer down-under. Have a stubby and chill.]
  • Festive Lair and game-map. You’ll be able to see that your Lair (the screen before the game itself, where you can see your snooks), the game map and basically all of Snook’s GUI is decorated and has a festive new look.
  • Presents! So pay attention, during the Winter Event, for every kill you make you will be rewarded with a special limited-edition present (unless a Trait is dropped). You’re welcome 😉
  • A special limited-edition Holidays-themed Trait that you will only be able to get as a present
  • A shiny newly-minted snook
  • $SNK in varying amounts

Snook Economics — Rewarding the Skillful

Season III Special Skin Rewards

  • Runners and Hunts — We’re accelerating the Hunts and Runners program and adding more hunts on more servers. Fun fact since we launched the Hunts a couple of weeks ago we spent over 1500 $SNK in rewards.
  • Weekly Raffle — Launched last week, we will soon publish the winner of this week’s raffle
  • Pay per Snook-video — Videos have been flowing in and $SNK will flow out this week.



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The first multi-player, skill-based game that rewards your talent, skill and persistence with NFTs.