LobsterDAO Game Night

2 min readAug 18, 2022

We would like to invite all the Lobsters to participate in an experience we curated just for you. We will create a total of 8 rooms, 4 for each region of Europe and North America (NA). Out of these eight games, the two players from each region that accumulate the most kills in ONE game (normalized by the number of players per room) will win a LobsterNFT!

Take note: Even if you win multiple games, we will only take your highest score!


  • Europe: 21 August at 1 PM CET Sunday
  • North America: 28 August at 11 AM PST Sunday
Europe: 21 August at 1 PM CET Sunday
North America: 28 August at 11 AM PST Sunday

Server Regions

(USA — N. Virginia, Europe — Frankfurt)


  • Up to 400 $MATIC in total, 50 MATIC per room
  • 2 LobsterDAO NFTs for the winner of the killer competition (1 for EU, and 1 for North America).


  1. How to Participate?
  • Join the match based on the date/time presented above by heading to https://play.snook.gg/
  • Connect wallet, switch network to Polygon, have a look around, switch game mode to Big Boys Table, and Join match.
  • You only need $MATIC to join the game.
  • You need to play from a wallet that has at least 1 Lobster NFT in order to access/create and play in the LobsterDAO themed rooms.

2. Do I need to bridge anything?

Although Snook is on polygon and your Lobster is on Ethereum (we did some magic, read about it more in our Whitepaper).

3. Do I need to approve any transactions?

  • You will NOT be required to approve anything related to your Lobster NFT or any funds.
  • The only transaction required is for JOIN match.

If you have any questions, please feel free to join our community on discord.




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