SNK, Snook and Videotape

TL;DR: You make Snook Videos we pay with $SNK


You capture your Snook adventures on video, upload the video to YouTube or Twitter and submit the link here

Once a week we’ll select videos in three categories based on the video quality and reward the makers with $SNK:

  • HSTSPV (Holy S**t That’s Some Production Value!) — 100 $SNK
  • NBFAHV (Not Bad For A Homemade Video) — 50 $SNK
  • SPLTTV (Some People Like These Type of Videos) — 15 $SNK

The videos can be of you playing the game, “How To” tutorial videos, or anything else Snook-related that you think is interesting.

The Snook Core Team will review the submission and grade them while considering various aspects such as (but not limited to): Editing, Background sound, Commentary, Skill demonstrated, Number of other players on the map, # of kills, # of Traits collected, Delivery (voice), and other criteria we’ll think about as videos start pouring in.

Now this is a lot of work for us, and we’re a lazy bunch, not to mention that this is a centralized process, and we'd much prefer to delegate this to the community. Still, for now, while running this as a pilot, we’ll make the decision. Once this becomes routine, and we see that people are sending legit videos we’ll experiment with a voting system, until finally this will be fully controlled by the community and automated.

Peace out.

The Snook Core Team




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