Snook 2nd Beta and Feedback

In order to participate

  1. Join our community (Discord & Twitter)
  2. Make sure you have Metamask installed in your browser
  3. Claim MATIC testnet from the faucet, and be present on the 1st of August at 13:00 pm CET in our discord
  4. Claim SKILL testnet from our SKILL Faucet
  5. On the 1st August 13:00 pm CET, we will publish the Snook beta URL near the opening of the beta.
  6. Oh, you can also watch it live here ~~~~~~~;)>
Snook Beta on August 1st from 13:00 to 15:00 CET

Below is a summary of the feedback from the 1st Beta (EU & Asia)

For Snook Noobs

For those of you that never heard of Snook, here’s the nutshell:

Feedback from the 1st Beta (both the EU and Asia events)

Before we dive in — here are some quotes from the Beta testers (see if you can find yours):

Stuff you asked for

  • Basic “How to” — Despite our “You’re smart, you’ll figure it out” approach, many asked for basic tutorials, or an intro screen with the basic gameplay “mechanics”, to help noobs orient themselves. It’s not that our core community is made out of noobs. We found out that a few people invited friends for a “Beta Party” and some of them were new to this world.
  • Keyboard functionality — So that you can use the keyboard to control your snook.
  • Name the snook — so you’ll know who’s in front of you.
  • Player’s ranking — Add the player’s position to the leaderboard, even if she isn’t in top 10
  • The minimap — Add a minimap that will show: 1) the player’s position (but not that of other players) and 2) deaths and traits drops.
  • In-game HUD statistics — such as: My snook’s length / growth rate / number of kills / number of traits collected / number of traits dropped during the player’s session, total number of players, etc.
  • Extraction statistics — How many traits you collected / what was the play time / How many snooks you killed
  • Collisions / Know your killer — Upon death, on the death screen, add the name of the player who killed you and how she did it (e.g., you hit X here).
  • It’s the Girth :) — Currently there’s a length limitation for the snook. As is it makes the eating of orbs redundant once you reach maximum length.
  • Make growth rate nonlinear — When eating them, make smaller snooks grow faster (just like human babies). When losing them while accelerating make the large snooks lose at a higher rate (just like capitalism).
  • Not “bugs” — technical things that affected the game experience *Rendering issues — mostly in small non-desktop screens
  • Gameplay — some of you didn’t know about some fundamental gameplay characteristics (that are, in our view, essential for the game). For example, if your snook dies in the game, it’s dead and you cannot use it again.
  • Server selection — gaming experience is heavily influenced by location and playing from a sub-optimal server may lead to latency issues and lagging.
  • Loss of snook due to 3rd party infrastructure/network issue — Players may lose their snook due to connectivity issues.

Matters of taste and expediency

  • Graphics — Some asked for a better G/UI. It’s both a matter of personal preference and, truth be told, time and focus (expediency). For now we are laser-focused on getting the game ready for the launch and prefer to de-prioritize the frills and design tasks. Graphics will look better. We promise.

Stuff we should improve

  • Size and Agility — embed a dependency between the snook’s size and its “kinetics” — how fast it moves and turns and the turning radius.
  • Tweak the random assignment of the 1st trait function — Some of you said that it didn’t feel random.
  • Tweak the Trait Drop probability — there were some issues with the “Trait Drop probability”, i.e., too few of the snooks that died left their traits on the game-map.
  • Extraction points fade-in/out — Give 2–3 seconds for the EP to appear and disappear.
  • Blockchain issues — We did encounter several blockchain transaction issues that need to be resolved (for example locking a snook that should not be locked, or wallet issues that do not prompt or that prompt in a way the user can easily miss, leading to long waiting times). Some of these issues we can affect and some less.



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