Snook: Economy Upgrade — Light Paper. December 2021


  1. Snookers are “too far from the money”. Snook users (henceforth: “Snookers”), especially new Snookers are “too far from the money”. In too far we mean both in terms of performance and in terms of time. The way the economy is set up today, even if a Snooker is able to perform, and qualify for a reward, he would only be able to claim it at the end of the season. We are all used to and expect a faster win/lose cycle. With the reward catharsis positioned “over the horizon”, playing Snook was not pumping enough dopamine (to take the edge of the adrenaline that is definitely there).
  2. Chasing Feeders. As mentioned above, people exploiting ways of qualifying for rewards that do not reflect merit (henceforth “feeders”) are a problem. We are currently finding ourselves in an endless cat-mouse chase with these Feeders. As long as they are active there’s a flow of “tainted” Special Skins* that are eligible for the Special Skin Rewards (SSR).
    [* As described in the White Paper, Special Skins are supposed to reflect the snookers’ aptitude, and derive their value from that. Without aptitude, and with no way of discerning between Special Skins obtained based on skills and those that are tainted, the NFT skill-based Valuation Metric (SVM) becomes ineffectual.]
  3. Feeders and Freakonomics. In retrospect, the Feeders existence makes sense. Just like Steven Levitt and ‎Stephen Dubner describe in their awesome 2005 book, Freakonomics, the existence of Feeders is predicated on a mathematical equilibrium. As long as the cost/effort associated with getting a Special Skin by feeding, i.e., the number of snooks they had to Mint and sacrifice, is lower than the reward it offers, they had a “reason to be”.
  4. The SSR Contract. In trying to mitigate this problem we were forced to fairly frequently maintain, tweak and fix the SSR contract. This has been consuming a lot of time and effort.
  5. Rewards Mechanisms Exposure. The Current rewards mechanisms would work fine in a future stable-state where there’s a large number of Snookers and heterogeneity in the ecosystem. At the current growth stage, there are too many situations in which a single, or very few Snookers get the “pot”. Distribution of large amounts of $SNK to a small number of users at this early stage exposes the economy to “local dumps” that can easily cause a price crash.

Mono-chain Architecture

Snooks Economy upgrade


  • Burned — $0.05 USD (20%)
  • Ecosystem — $0.01 USD (4%) to help pay the on-going infrastructure and gas fees of the project
  • Treasury — $0.19 USD (76%).
  • Pay Per Kill Rewards — $0.15 USD to be paid to every Snooker for every Kill [See below]
  • Tournaments: — $0.03 USD to fund Tournaments’ prize-pools
  • LP staking: — $0.01 USD to fund stakers’ rewards


Pay Per Kill (PPK)

Definition of PPK

Calculation of PPK Rewards Payout

  • All the PPK allocations in the Treasury — mixed.
  • A local average is calculated every time there’s a PPK Reward claim
  1. The PPK contract keeps track of two numbers:
    — The number of Mints with a snook Population Counter (sPC)
    — The total amount allocated for PPK rewards with a Pot Counter (PC)
  2. Every time a snook is Minted, or resurrected the PPK contract adds 1 to the sPC and adds the $SNK amount allocated to the PC
  3. When a snooker makes a claim, after it is verified as valid, the contract:
    — Calculates the PPK Reward per snook Killed, by dividing the amount kept in the PC by the snook population kept in the sPC (that’s the local average).
    — It then multiplies that amount by the number of snooks the snooker is claiming for.
    — It then subtracts the number of snooks the Snooker is claiming for from the sPC.
    — And finally, it subtracts the paid amount from the PC.
  1. Dying at the wall. In this case the sPC will subtract 1 because a snook is out of circulation. The PC will remain unchanged. Effectively it means that dying without a Killer will slightly increase the rewards for whomever claims (posthumously).
  2. Resurrection. It’s a rebirth and there’s a Killable snook back in circulation, which is why that snook will be recounted in the sPC. Also, there’s an allocation from the Resurrection fees toward the PPK Rewards and so that amount will be added to the PC.

Multi-chain Architecture

Special Skin Rewards

The Role of Special Skins in E-Ver2

Tournaments’ Overview

Special Skins’ Role in Tournaments

Stars will be great when you’re [in] Tournaments

Tournaments’ Prize-pools

  • Tournament Maximum Prize-pool (TMP). Derived from the Mint/Resurrection-fees allocations as stated above and defining the upper limit of the sums of all of the other prize-pools.
  • Tournament Actual Prize-pool (TAP). Derived from the TMPl and the participation rate. If at the time of the Tournament there are X possible spots (because that’s the number of unique Special Skins at that time), but only half the spots are actually filled by Special Skins owners, the TAP will be half of the Maximum Prize-pool.
    For example, say there are 81 unique Special Skins and the TMP is worth $ 27,000 USD, if all 81 spots are filled, that would be the TAP. If only two thirds of the spots are filled (54 spots), the TAP would be worth $ 18,000 USD.
  • Tournament PPK Prize-pool (TPP). 50% of the TAP allocated for paying for Kills during the Tournaments. At the beginning of the Tournament we will divide the TPP by the number of registered participants. That number will be the reward given per Kill.
    Note that this may leave a surplus in the TPP in the case that snooks die by hitting the wall, and are therefore rendered unclaimable. Because the Tournaments are played on a Battle Royale type of map, we expect “death by wall” to be more common than usual. Muhaha…
    Don’t worry, that surplus, if it exists, will be distributed as we explain in the next bullet point.
  • Tournament Winners Prize-pool (TWP). 50% of the TAP, plus any surplus that may have been left from unclaimable dead snooks, allocated as prizes for the Tournament winners, i.e., the top 5 Snookers (last 5 standing). Prizes will be divided in geometric progression with r=0.5.
  1. Assumptions:
    TMP is worth $21,700 USD [the amount accumulated].
    — There are 50 potential spots to fill.
    — Only 80% of the 50 available spots (40) are actually taken (i.e., Special Skin Owners registered and deposited their Special Skins).TMP is worth $21,700 USD [the amount accumulated].
    — During the Tournament, 10 snooks out of the 40 died by hitting the wall. The rest were killed.
  2. Implications:
    TAP is worth $17,360 USD (80% of the TMP).
    TPP is worth $8,680 USD (50% of the TAP).
    PPK is worth $ 217 USD (8,680/40).
    TPP payout is worth: 30x217=6,510 USD (30 Kills, 10 deaths by wall)
    TPP surplus is worth: $2,170 USD (8,680-6,510).
    TWP is worth: $10,850 USD [8,680 (50% TAP)+2,170 (TPP surplus)].
    — TWP is divided between the Tournament’s top 5 Snookers according to the following calculation:

LP staking

Secret Shop In a Nutshell

Motivation for Secret Shop

Secret Shop Tariff’s Mechanics

  1. Kills and game-scores are per wallet, not per snook.
  2. The trade can be completed using one of the following “currency/ies” options:
    Game-score points only, i.e., 103,000 points
    Game-score points and Kills, i.e., 61,000 points + 5 Kills (this is just an example. We’re not suggesting that this is the exchange rate.)
    Kills only, i.e., 15 Kills
    SNKs only, i.e., $SNKs worth 37 USD
    USDC only, i.e. $37 USDC
  3. With each of these “currency” selection options a Snooker can only buy one Trait. If she wants to buy another, for another Snook, she’ll have to use a different “currency” option.

Secret Shop Constraints and Limitations — LBZ

  • The Secret Shop will be open for 3 days at a time, probably once a month and also around special events. The precise schedule will be published as soon as we have it. Or not. We might publish close to the time we pop it open. We haven’t decided yet.
  • Every time the Secret Shop opens it will select 5 Traits at random and these Traits will be the only Traits available for purchase.
  • Each wallet address can trade up to 5 traits during those 3 days and assign no more than one Trait per snook. [Even if that snook was transferred to a different wallet during the Shop’s opening time, capisce?]
  • Over a snook’s lifetime it can use the Secret Shop to acquire Traits no more than 5 times.



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