Snook Ladder — Season 1

3 min readSep 27, 2022

Good Day Snookers!

We are back to share more about the upcoming and long awaited Ladder Mode!
Let’s start by giving a bit of preface to what Ladder is:

Ladder is Snook’s competitive arena for Snook Players who have what it takes. The top players will bring their amazing special skins and hunt for the top 100 Spots in the 4-week season.

Season 1

For the first season, the prize pool is over 100,000 SNK!
Compete in the ladder every weekend which opens on saturday(00:00 UTC) and closes on sunday (24:00 UTC) for 4 weeks.

Week 1: 1st and 2nd October
Week 2: 8th and 9th October
Week 3: 15th and 16th October
Week 4: 22nd and 23rd October

The Environment

  • Shrinking arena
  • 5–15 Snookers
  • Once the match starts, other Snookers can’t join in.
  • Matches are time-capped.
  • No PPK rewards
  • No Trait drops
  • No extraction option or Vault
  • 5 Rounds of Mayhem (If you have enough lives of course)
  • Only open on the Weekends

5 Rounds of Mayhem

To get more into this, every match will be 5 rounds but not everyone will make it to the last round. Everytime you die in the ladder with your special skins, you’ll lose a life, so that means that if you go in with a 1-life special and die in the first round, you’re out! This means you’ll definitely want to bring in 5-life specials to increase your chances of making the most amount of points!

The Leaderboard and Prize Distribution

Of course everyone wants to prove they are the best, the Ladder is there to give you the opportunity, but how?

Earn points to go up into the higher tranches to earn more rewards!

Note: The leaderboard goes by wallet, using multiple wallets is NOT going to help you reach the top..

An example of the different tranches


Simply put, there’s only one way to earn points. Play and slaughter anyone that comes your way

You’ll get points for

  1. Snooking: aka just simply playing the game
  2. Stars: up to 3 additional points can be earned based on the number of stars your special has
  3. Position: 10 Points for 1st place, 7 Points for 2nd place, 4 Points for 3rd place
  4. Kills: You get 2 points per kill and this is further multiplied by the specials multiplier*


Each Special is given a multiplier that is calculated based on the RARITY of the special, no we’re not talking about stars. The special multiplier would depend on how many of that specific special is in existence, the more rare, the higher the multiplier. Simple right?

The number of points you earn from a kill is affected by your multiplier, so if you have a 2x multiplier, each kill is 4 points.

Snook and Beyond!

With just a couple of days to go we’re extremely excited for the ladder to finally arrive, join us on Wednesday (28th September) at 3PM UTC for a Happy Hour on Discord where we discuss more about the ladder mode and our plans moving forward!

As always, Snook takes care of their own. Goodluck to all in the Ladder and may the best Snooker win!

Snook Team




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