Snook Season 3


RPC — start playing Snook in under 5 sec.

Lock ‘N Load



Keeping it Skill

Special Skin Rewards

  • If you unlocked a Special Skin — good for you
  • At the end of the season (the end of the month in which you unlocked it) you will be eligible to the SSR with no change. That means a pro-rata distribution of the SSR pot according to the rarity of the Special Skin.
  • From the following season and onwards you will have to play with that Special Skin and get at least 8 new Traits during that season.
  • This requirement is not cumulative. That means that if during a season you only got 6 new Traits the next season you start all over and need to get 8 (and not just another two).
  • Playing your Special Skin will not be allowed in underpopulated servers/game-maps. We’re not saying how many and it will probably change over time — but you’re smart, we’re pretty sure you’ll figure it out.



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