Snook Solo Tournament

Snook Solo Tournament

1. How do you qualify?

  • To qualify for this major tournament, there will be 3 preliminaries, the dates for the tournaments are mentioned below.
  • Players must place in the top 40% in a preliminary round to qualify for the major tournament on the 23rd.
  • We’re including a bonus way to qualify, over the next 2 weeks if you accumulate at least 7 bounties you will also earn qualification to the tournament!
  • Only players who qualify can register for the major tournament. ( You can register for all three regions)
  • Players are to register with their wallet + SnookID of choice
  • They will then enter the same arena at the same specified time
  • The last man standing will win!

2. Snook Solo Tournament Rules

To ensure the tournament maintains its quality, there have to be some rules!

  1. Registered Player’s are to be streaming at all times!
  2. Registered Players are to enter with their registered SnookID at the specified time.
  3. Registered Players are required to screenshot and share it in discord upon death.
  4. All Participants are to use their Discord Names in the Arena
  5. All Participants have to enter after the Registered Players have entered

3. Tournament Prizes

You might be wondering? Where’s the money?!

Major Tournament

If the number of participants is above 10.

4. Snook Solo Tournament Schedule

1. European Preliminary(EU): 15th January 6 PM UTC



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