Snook — The true meaning of playing on Blockchain

We forget almost as fast as we progress

The days of waiting minutes or hours for a blockchain transaction to be processed are behind us (well, mostly). It wasn’t a long ago, but, for most of us, it’s unthinkable today.

The days of prohibitive gas costs are not yet behind us, but we’ve found ways around them and the use of cheaper networks and protocols is expanding. It is human nature to forget and get used to new realities fast. It is natural to expect low latency, quick transaction time processing, and affordable, almost negligible gas costs.

And then there was Snook — with all game-states being on-chain transactions.

Snook is not going to be smooth at first. That’s the cold reality. Transaction processing will cause effective latency and will affect the game experience.

There are two factors that will cause this. The first is the fact that Snook’s game states demand on-chain transactions, and those take longer than off-chain. Even a few seconds delay has a negative effect on the experience.

The second factor is that fluctuations in the crypto markets can cause a local spike in gas costs. Players that will not address this will face long processing times. Too long.

When these two factors happen together, the experience could be too annoying for fun.


It is possible to reduce processing time and improve the game experience if you increase your gas allowance which will keep processing time down. Below we explain how to do that.

The cost is still going to be nominally low (a few cents instead of a few fractions of a cent). Nevertheless, the player bears this cost.

How to speed up by adjusting the gas

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