Snook’s 1 Year Anniversary

4 min readSep 2, 2022
Snook’s 1 Year Anniversary

Howwwdy Snookers!

In exactly 1 week, we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary since we went live on Polygon!

Yeah, we know, it feels like just yesterday where there was only Standard Mode and people were going into fixed arenas, non-shrinking maps. Heck, PPK wasn’t even a thing!

We’ve come a long way with lots of highs and lows but now that we’ve hit this milestone, we hope you believe us when we say we’re here to stay.

In just a short year we’ve developed a full-fledged product with a self-sustaining economy and thousands of users and you can look forward to the native desktop application as well as mobile. Stay Tuned!

To commemorate and celebrate this wonderful occasion we’re going to do a little throwback and bring back some community favorites with up to $1500 worth of prizes to be won!

1 Year Anniversary Timeline

Look, if it’s your first time here, don’t worry, we have included a section at the bottom for you!

Meme Contest

Pretty self explanatory, a Meme contest will run from September 5th 4PM UTC -> September 11 4PM UTC. The winner (By decision of the core team) will be announced and win
Tweet us at @snook_gg with the hashtag #Snook1Year and your meme to participate!

1st Place: 300 Points + (A Special 1st Anniversary Role)
2nd Place: 200 Points
3rd Place: 100 Points

Rags to Riches: Special Edition

Special Edition Rags to Riches will begin this week only for Snook Anniversary!
Players will start on an empty wallet with just 1 SnookNFT and the goal is to make as many UNIQUE Special Skins!

1st Place: 300 Points + (A Special 1st Anniversary Role)
2nd Place: 200 Points
3rd Place: 100 Points

Snook Trivia

There will be 2 events of Snook Trivia (September 5th and 8th 4PM UTC)
The trivia will consist of Snook questions and some random fun facts
Be sure to join our Discord to participate!

1st: 200 Points + (A Special 1st Anniversary Role)
2nd 150 points
3rd 100 points

Team Tournaments

They’re back! Form a team of up to maximum of 3 players and your goal is to protect your runner and eliminate other team runners!

This will be happening on September 8th (1pm, 4pm, 8pm UTC for Asia, EU, USA respectively)

Sign up here:


Choose a runner in your team, while the other members will be defenders.
Kill the runner of other teams and earn a point.
If your runner dies to the wall or their own teammate, you will lose a point.

There will be a 7 Round Deathmatch, to win you have to kill the most runners from opposition teams, not earn deathmatch points.

The Top Team will earn 600 Points + (A Special 1st Anniversary Role)!

**Players are allowed to play solo or form 2 man teams

Solo Tournaments

These aren’t your traditional Solo tournaments.
Play a deathmatch qualifier where only the top few will qualify for a last man standing event

This will be happening on September 9th (1pm, 4pm, 8pm UTC for Asia, EU, USA respectively)

1st: 250 Points + (A Special 1st Anniversary Role)
2nd 200 points
3rd 150 points

MEGA Snook Hunts

We all know what Snook Hunts are, BUT have you ever tried a MEGA Snook Hunt?
We’re going to have up 5 Runners for you to hunt down to earn some points

A 5 Round-Deathmatch frenzy where killing a runner will net you 40 Points!

Take note, runners can hunt down other runners as well!
Runner’s will be getting a 20 point compensation themselves for running.
Schedule for the Mega Snook hunts will be posted on Discord!

Welcome one and Welcome All!

If you’re here, you’re probably a newer player / maybe you just aren’t sure what the heck was written just above this section!

First and foremost some important links!

To Participate in the Meme Contest you simply need to tweet at @snook_gg with the hashtag to participate.

To participate in most community events, join our discord and get yourselves some roles to be notified when any events are going to happen!

Joining the activities!

For the events Team and Solo Tournaments and the MEGA Snook Hunts you need to play in the Big Boys Table Mode, here’s how you access that.

Snook Game
  1. Click on “Battle Arena”
Snook Game Modes

2. Select the Big Boys Table Gamemode!

Snook Big Boys Table — Room list

3. Join the room that the moderator tells you to join!

That’s it folks.
Have fun!




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