13–19 Dec

Snook’s Almost-Winter thing

Hunts’ bounty is a fat as Santa

  • 6 hunts per day
  • 60SNK per hunt (6x10 $SNK)
  • Total bounty-pool 1800 $SNK (6 hunts x 60 $SNK x 5 days)

Wait, it gets better — there’s a raffle

Here’s the raffle Prize list:

  • 1st prize 150 $SNK
  • 2nd prize 100 $SNK
  • 3rd prize 50 $SNK

There will be one raffle for all the tickets claimed from all the hunts.

The winners will be drawn and announced on December 20th.

There are a couple of limitations:

  • Any one bounty winner (Wallet ID) can claim up to 3 raffle tickets.
  • Participating Hunts must have more than 6 Snookers (including the Runner)

We’re also adding a side-bonus for the hunts:

We’ll be running a mini Discord raffle of 10 $SNK for reacting to Discord alerts on and during the live hunts. Here’s an example:

To participate in the raffle all you have to do is react before the Hunt ends.

Snook’s Community Team Tournament

We’re hosting a community — “last team standing” —Tournament on the 19th Of December. It will include 2 runs. One in Singapore at 13:00 UTC and one in Frankfurt at 21:00UTC.

Runner’s from each team will be streaming the game.


  • Teams that want to register to the tournament must have 4 snookers with one of them being a designated Runner and the other 3 being the Defenders.
    Here’s the registration link. Note: Only the Runner needs to fill it out once for the entire team.
  • Every Runner will be given 3 lives before they are eliminated.
  • Defenders will have unlimited lives as long as their Runner is in.

Note: The tournaments will also be open to the general public. Basically anyone can enter the server map. However, the special provisions, e.g., unlimited lives for the defenders, will only be for the registered teams.

Prize pool

  • For every team that registers we will allocate 250 $SNK
  • Maximum number of teams power Tournament is 7
  • Maximum Prize pool is 1500 $SNK

oh, yeah, if you kill a Runner, assuming you are not its defender, and you get 20 $SNK.




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