Snook’s SeptemberFest and SGE — Make a killing!

TL;DR: Snook is awesome. Next 10 days are nuts. Ready to play and earn?

Snook Genesis event is near. 8–12/9, 100,800 free snooks, ~$100,000 USDC total prize pool and 1 lucky winner taking $25,000 USDC.

Also, Snook’s launchpads/IXOs* led by DaoMaker, Seedify, and TrustPad will end by the 6th (20:00 CEST). We’re also collaborating with For specific opening dates and times, follow them on Twitter.

For those of you coming out of a coma, we introduce Snook below.

* IXO — It’s becoming impossible to track the different TLAs invented by our crypto community to describe different token offerings. So we made this one up to cover all possible vernaculars. :D

Sep timeline:

  • Sep 1st: Live on Polygon Mainnet
  • Sep 6th: Launchpads — offering $SNK [ERC-20]
  • Sep8th-12th: Snook Genesis Event — 120 hrs of play

Snook — 1st real skill-based NFT game

Snook is a unique NFT Game. It’s like the old Nokia Snake much like Bruce Banner is like the Hulk.
A kill-or-be-killed adrenaline charged multiplayer game that is pioneering NFT game characters. That means players’ performance directly affects the NFT face value — or if you play an awesome game you’ll make a killing.

Unlike some play-to-earn NFT-gamified/NFT-infused games out there, the player’s in-game snook-character IS an NFT. As players advance in the game (by eating everything in sight, avoiding and killing other snooks and taking their traits), their achievements (e.g., traits and rare/difficult to get special skins) are immutably recorded. The game character/NFT can be accessed for future games or as a collectible, and pays off in monthly rewards from the Snook Treasury. You play well, you earn and grow your NFT value. Simple.

The face-value of the snook/NFT — and this is the innovation — is proportional to the player’s in-game performance. Let’s try to unpack that last sentence. Snook employs a unique Skill-based Value Metric (SVM) for setting NFT value based on measurable, objective attributes. Since NFT value is proportional to rarity and rarity in Snook is skill, the player’s performance sets the NFT value.

This is really in a nutshell — there’s a lot more. But you get the gist.

* Snook is available on desktop only, for now. Mobile app will be available as soon as we get to it.

The Snook Genesis Event

It’s a party (bacchanalia)!

It is where we celebrate the mainnet launch and kickoff the Snook ecosystem.

People participating will include Snook enthusiasts from our community and from communities of our partners, as well as investors, different sizes of crypto “Cetaceans”, KOLs, influencers, bloggers, reporters, market-makers and even some hardcore gamers that are total crypto noobs!

All will play together for the first time on the Snook Polygon Mainnet. Soooo….you never know, maybe you’ll get to kill and eat a celeb, or a marine mammal…


Over and above the 100,800 snooks Snook is giving away (worth $25,200 USDC) There are 3 additional ways of winning prizes [all in USDC]:

  1. The Raffle — for those with a pulse: If you participated in the SGE (and did not win any other fat prize), you’re automatically in the draw. Number of prizes and amounts depends on the number of participants. At least 6 prizes and no more than 26, ranging from $25 to $2,475, totaling up to $16,400!
  2. Top Snookers — the top 3 according to the number of traits they collected (excluding whomever won the Special Skin prize — see below) win at least $400 and up to $17,600 (depending on the number of participants — so spread the news — participation is free), amounting to a prize pool of $33,600.
  3. Rockstar — the first player in the SGE that scores a Special Skin, wins $25,000.
  • No double dipping — if you won the Rockstar you can’t win Top Snookers or the Raffle and if you won Top Snookers you can’t win the Raffle.
  • All prize payments will be done to the wallet addresses provided within 14 business days after the public-sale/Launchpad fundraising is complete.

Other technical stuff

  • Don’t forget the transactions’ gas fee. It’s super low on Polygon(like cents). You will need to have a positive MATIC balance in your wallet — so make sure you have a couple of bucks worth of MATIC.
  • Snook currently works seamlessly with the following wallets: Metamask, Portis, Torus, Venly (Arkane), and Wallet Connect.
  • At this point, we are unable to promise we will be able to provide real-time wallet support. There are simply too many out there and it will take our attention away from the in-game support. Cool?

IXOs: $SNK sale, distribution, listing & liquidity pool

As mentioned above we’re working with several launchpads and partners. Here are their allocations:

Each launchpad has its own mechanism and way of doing things — you can follow them to know the details. Remember once they run out, they run out.

Regardless, ALL of them will stop sales on Sep 6th at 22:00 pm, CEST.

Distribution of the $SNK tokens sold by the launchpads will commence on Sep 7th at 11:50 am, CEST.

An $SNK liquidity pool on Quickswap will open the same day, Sep 7th at 13:05 pm, CEST.

At your service,

The Snook Team and partners



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