The Running Snook (Hunts)

We’re making the Snook Hunts official and we’ve started recruiting our first cohort of Runners.

[Hold on — what’s a “Hunt”?…Sorry. A Hunt is when a bunch of people play Snook on the same map (server), inside a specific time frame, all trying to kill one (or more) designated snook(s), aka Runner(s).]

Rules of Engagement

  • Hunts will be active for at least 30 min (or more if the Runner chooses to continue).
  • If the Runner dies inside those 30 min s/he will reenter the game immediately and restart the Hunt with a new snook.
  • We will supply the Runners with 4 freshly minted snooks per Hunt. Good Runners won’t need it ;)
  • We will publish a schedule with the Hunts time windows, the server and the Runners’ name.
  • If you kill a Runner, you will be eligible for a 5 $SNK reward.

The Runners’ Guild

We at Snook are looking for partners that like the Snook vibe and want to take an active part in driving the Snook economy forward. So…running isn’t for everyone. It takes skill, commitment and leadership. That’s why we see it as the Runners’ Guild and that’s why becoming a Runner will not be trivial.

[If you find this boring and are wondering “where is the money??”, you can skip this part. If you understand that good things come to snooks who wait and that we take care of our own, you’re already on the right path.]

How to apply

We are opening 50 spots for the first Runners’ cohort. Anyone can apply to be a Runner.

This is what you need to do If you want to be a candidate:

  1. Be a member of Our Discord Community. If you are not, you are invited to join now. Preference will be given to active members who joined early on.
  2. Commit to lead a Hunt (play Snook as a Runner) at least three times a week, 30 min per Hunt.
  3. Fill out this form

If you are selected to play as a Runner, it does not mean that you have been admitted to the Runners’ Guild. It means you were accepted to the selection process. For now, this process will be managed by community representatives and Core Team. In the future it will be handled by the Guild. We will spend the next few weeks monitoring and evaluating the different Runners.

The selection process for the 1st Running snooks’ Cohort will be confidential and will be decided on and approved by a select committee appointed by the Core Team

The evaluation will focus on performance in terms of skill and reliability. However, additional factors such as, demeanor in the community discussions, social media activity, video content generation (e.g., broadcasting/video capture) will also play a part.

Those of you who will graduate, will be offered a role in our Discord community. That role will include, in addition to prestige and the respect of the community, unique benefits that we will publish in the future.

Note: The 1st Cohort will be unique in its status and level of benefits. In short, there will only be one 1st Runners’ Cohort.

As always this will be on a FCFS basis, so…FOMO?

At your Service,

The Snook Core Team ~~~~~~:)


Oh yeah — Every week, Runners that will hold the longest survivable record, will be rewarded. Remember, we’re not looking for mindless play-to-earn. We are looking to “separate the wheat from the chaff” and reward those who show talent, skill and commitment.



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