Two Major Announcements

4 min readFeb 22, 2022

Recap Highlights [Sortof TL;DR]:

Lots of small things happening. Two major announcements:

  1. Big Boys (and Girls, and also non-Binary…it’s an expression…) Table challenge mode will be launched soon — let’s see if Snookers are willing to risk some skin in the game.
  2. We’re ready for multichain deployment and we’ll launch Snook on three new networks in the next few weeks.

Hey there Snookers et al.

It’s time for our “we-just-realized-we-haven’t-sent-an-update-in-a-while” blast Medium update.

Here’s what’s up:

  1. BBT — Big Boys Table
    The BBT was always on the…well…table…Anyway, we got to it finally and we will soon launch it. A quick reminder, the BBT mode allows for challenges of up to 10 players, either as individuals or as teams. The mode will allow Snookers to create a BBT-room, where they will be required to allocate collateral in $SNK (for the amount they are staking). Anyone wanting to join the BBT-room, will have to match the collateral. The game will start as soon as enough players join in.The BBT winner takes all the allocated collateral funds. Exciting stuff!
  2. Going Multichain

As surely you all remember, last December we published our Snook Economy V2 lightpaper.

We’ve been hard at work, implementing the roadmap described in it. Most recently we’ve been finalizing the Multichain milestone. As mentioned, Snook currently uses a mono-chain architecture [Polygon] which is encumbering on our expansion plans. With the new Economy up and running (e.g., PPK], we’re no longer constrained to a mono-chain architecture, i.e., a single Treasury allocating rewards makeup.

What does it mean to our user base expansion?

This means that Snook will become a multichain NFT game, where Snookers from different chains meet in the game and compete for rewards in real time. The chain doesn’t have to be EVM compatible, which allows Snook to expand to any relevant chains and where it makes sense to establish a presence. This will increase the potential user-base of Snook to a whole different level and will open other transactional and monetary paths.

Anyway, we expect to launch Snook on one of the following networks within 3–4 weeks, and the rest to follow:

Anyway, we expect to launch Snook on one of the following networks within 3–4 weeks, and the rest to follow: Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai), OEC (OKX) and Harmony
Going Multichain

This will extend our reach to new user-bases active in other networks with lower-gas fees. Hooray!

With every new chain we integrate and support, we will launch a bespoke marketing campaign in collaboration with each chain-network [and we’ve been discussing this with them over the last few weeks].

3. Stuff we’re working on right now and will be available real soon

  • The Wonderland game mode (rebranded to Battle Arena)
    The Battle Arena game mode, is a Challenge type mode (shrinking map), is currently in development and will be launched soon. In the Battle Arena mode players will be matched randomly in matches of 8 to 15 players.
The Wonderland game mode
The Wonderland game mode
The Wonderland game mode, is a Challenge type mode shrinking map
The Wonderland game mode
  • Daily Check-in and Wheel of Snookum
    Snookers that play Snook on a regular basis will be rewarded with gifts. The Daily Check-in will require at least 7 consecutive days (once every 24 hrs) of logging in and playing Snook, which will award the Snooker with a “Silver” Wheel of Snookum status. Snookers that will check-in and play for at least 30 consecutive days will earn a “Gold” Wheel of Snookum status. Different statuses will be eligible for different great prizes.
Daily Check-in and Wheel of Snookum
  • Spectator mode
    Pretty self-explanatory, it will allow anyone, snookers and non-snookers to visit game maps and watch games live without participating, unleash the streaming baby!
  • Emoticons
    You’ve probably heard of this cool new trend, and we’re jumping on the bandwagon. We will soon introduce a new layer in Snook allowing for the display of emoticons. Snookers will be able to buy, load and set emoticons in their “Setting” window and display them in the game.
  • Friends List
    This cool new feature will be mostly relevant for the Wonderland and BBT game modes. It will allow Snookers to add friends to a list and use this list to either invite specific Snookers for games or to watch a game in Spectator mode. There’s a good chance that we will use a similar set up for Guilds in the near future.

4. Gas baby, Gas!

Gas baby, Gas!

We’ve done some gas optimizations that are so awesome we should get an award for it. This will reduce costs for the users of course, but just as important, it would save us a lot of ka-ching! More details about this can be found here.

That’s it folks.

The Snook Core Team ~~~~~~~~:)




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