What if Winning Meant More Than a High Score?

4 min readJun 5, 2021

What if Winning Meant More Than a High Score?

What if ….

Few players are really good but hey, there’s the Dunning-Kruger effect

Have you ever gotten the High Score in a game? It felt great to punch in your initials and gloat at the people around you. But that feeling of victory is fleeting. Soon enough someone else would score higher, and you’d have nothing left to show that you were #1. And even if your score stayed there for a while — shouldn’t you have been rewarded with more than a ranking for the effort, persistence, and cheetah-like reflexes it took to get that score?

Over the years, there have been attempts to make winning more meaningful. Arcades might award players with tickets or tokens to turn in for cheap prizes. MMORPGs reward high-level gameplay with epic loot drops. The problem with these examples is that both offer rewards that have little to no real-world value in return for a lot of work…That sucks. The only way to get valuable rewards for most games is to become a professional esports player or popular streamer!

What if you could monetize your skill as a gamer — without having to become a full-time streamer? What if you could have fun, play at the level of dedication you wanted, and still earn valuable rewards? What if your every success in a game was recorded, and could increase the value of your character?

Welcome to the world of Snook.

Grow in Value as You Play

When you mint a snook (your character in the game of Snook), you create a non-fungible token (NFT). This NFT represents your character and serves as a record of your in-game achievements with that character. Every time you gain a new trait or special skin, these attributes are recorded in your NFT, attesting to your character, and of your skill and dedication as a player. Pretty cool, right?

This NFT is yours to do as you wish. You can continue playing with your snook, growing its value as you gain new, rarer skins and win tournaments. Or you can store it in your wallet, preserving it as a trophy representing your achievements, and earn rewards. Alternatively, you can sell them on an NFT marketplace, letting a new player take over your character.

Earn Skill Tokens

The Snook ecosystem is driven by the Skill token ($SKILL). You use these tokens when you want to mint a snook or resurrect your character after dying in a match, or set up a 1-vs-1 match. You’ll be able to purchase these tokens on an exchange to get started, but you can also earn them as in-game rewards.

You’ll want to keep a balance of $Skill in case you need to resurrect your character, or you feel like making a new snook. However, if you have more than you need or want, you can also sell or trade them on an exchange.

Anyone Can Create Value

The great thing about Snook is that you don’t have to be the best player to have fun and earn rewards. While elite players can find victory and big rewards by playing in tournaments, anyone can collect traits and unlock new skins by playing regularly. Rewards are distributed not just to the best players; anyone who has unlocked at least one special skin has the potential to be awarded a tournament pass (which they can use or sell to another player). Every week, all players who have unlocked a special skin will also receive a weekly reward from the treasury in the form of $SKILL tokens.

Snook is a game that rewards you for your skill as a player, without forcing you to buy into a “grind” culture. It offers the fun, casual experience of a snake-style game, easy to pick up and set down on your own time.

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