You Get A Snook, and You Get a Snook!


Yesterday, Nov 21st, around midday, a snook entered the game. It survived with several other players for nearly 15 min. It then died. Because the game lasted more than 5 minutes, and the game map was populated, the wallet connected to that snook — look up at the header — unknowingly entered a raffle and won $200 SNK. Hurry!

This is how it’s gonna go

The weekly raffle that started last week (Nov 14th), will continue at least until the end of this year. The weekly prize will be no less than $200 SNK and tied to the number of raffle entries (see formula below). We’re not capping it for now.

Every week, Around this time we will randomly select a wallet from the Entry List and publish the winner.

How to participate and what’s an “Entry”

The Entry List is a list of wallets. It adds another line every time you:

  1. Play Snook for longer than 5 minutes (i.e., from the moment you are spawned into the game map and until you extract or die)
  2. In a game map that has at least 8 other players

These criteria may change every now and then. For example, we will probably increase the min number of players in a map. For now we want to make things a bit easier.

Super Important Notes

  1. If you play one game for longer than 5 minutes, you will be entered into the list multiple times (we will divide the time you played by 5, without a remainder, and use that). For example if you played for 17 minutes, you will receive 3 entries.
  2. Yes, you can play as many games as you want. Each game you play, if it qualifies the above listed conditions will be added to the Entry List. The more you play the bigger your chances are and the bigger the prize could be (once we cross the minimal # of entries).
  3. Know this — we are monitoring the games and we reserve the right to remove wallets that exhibit suspicious behaviour. That idea that you just had about how to get multiple entries without really playing…we thought about it…shame on you!

The Prizes

The minimum weekly prize is 200 $SNK.

The prize amount is tied to the number of entries (which is the number of 5 minute playing sessions). That means that the more people playing and the longer they play during the week, the more money is accumulated in the prize pot.

Here’s the formula for those of you who like a bit of math:

Max[(# of entries)X(0.025 $SNK),200 $SNK].

So, if 200 people play half an hour a day for a week the prize will be 210 $SNK. If it’s 500 people the prize goes up to 525 $SNK.

What now? Let me tell you what now!

Anyone playing (assuming they qualify) automatically participates in the raffle. However, as mentioned, the more players, the more games, the bigger the prize. So, what you want to do is join our Discord community and follow us on Twitter. You also want to like, retweet and spread the news.

Other than that…just play baby, Just play.

At your service

The Snook Core Team ~~~~~~~;)



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